SEO During COVID-19 


Expect the unexpected – and do it quickly. The Coronavirus Pandemic has forced businesses to think quickly, think accurately and think in a solutions-based mindset.

Canberra has had the rough end of the stick lately, with drought, bushfires, hailstorms, floods and now this!

Rightfully so, SEO marketing in Canberra isn’t at the forefront of the business owner’s mind right now!! You need to change that, and the sooner the better, because Capital Websites are the solution for custom built websites and SEO services.  

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Your business – and you – are learners of this world of new education. Business may slow significantly for now but one thing is for sure, Google won’t stop serving customers and customers won’t stop using Google. Boosting your SEO during these times of uncertainty can help your business make it through this bear and ride the bull when it finally arrives for Canberra.

Local SEO marketing in Canberra is critical right now. What is SEO? Click here for our essential article that links SEO with success.

Mindsets and the patterns of behaviour of customers and clients is changing rapidly as Covid 19 is regionalising supply chains. Consumer spending is regionalising also during this pandemic – we are all looking to support our local businesses. The opportunities and choices your business has during the eventual rebound are determined right now. Re-thinking your SEO strategy with a regional bias should be at the top of your business agenda.



1.  Visibility And Credibility Are The Keys To Success Now More Than Ever.

Right now:

Being visible for your clients right now is the first step in the establishment of the new normal. Coming up on the first page of searches and staying there is critical to keep your business tracking the way you need it to.

Significantly less traffic is coming from mobile devices and tablets so staying visible with desktop orientated content to drive customer engagement is essential. Capital Websites are committed to staying current to provide you with the SEO you need to maximise your conversion rates.

The importance of being present and investing in consumer relationships during the Coronavirus Pandemic is paramount. Consumers want more than your product now; they want your brand and what your brand believes in. Customers need you to be more credible right now. Use customer orientated examples from large businesses around the globe to inspire change in your local Canberra business.

In the coming months:

Building trust, empathy and confidence in your business now will set you up for the future. The rebound, who knows how far away it’ll be, is coming. Visibility now is crucial. The credibility and visibility built now is building your future platform.

Household names like Netflix, Domino’s, Amazon and Lego were all born from times of social and behavioural change! Utilising innovation, customer experience, inventive pricing structures and clear communication were lynch-pins to these businesses success.

Small businesses of Canberra, you can learn from this! SEO marketing Canberra is an affordable way to unlock the Google puzzle. Improving your search engine search and strike rates now will build your conversion rate in the future.

Capital Websites will help boost your SEO ranking now so that your business is poised to take advantage of the clients needing your services when these restrictions are lifted.

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» Are you looking for the best seo marketing company in Canberra? Call Capital Websites on 0447464666

2.  Customer Care and Customer Creation


 Your existing customer base is crucial right now. It is important to re-connect and re-engage with these people to keep them informed on what your business can offer right now, but also into the future.  It is also important to reach potential clients who will benefit from your business services.

Do something to act in your customers’ best interests and let them know about it. You need SEO marketing Canberra to keep your loyal customers up to date with how your business has not only adapted to these times but also how you can help them once these restrictions are lifted.

Let’s go on the journey through the Covid 19 pandemic together. Utilising dynamic and relevant SEO marketing, especially in Canberra, is the quickest way to let your clients know you’re still here, still listening and still working.

Sinking into the corporate shadow during the coronavirus pandemic should be avoided at all costs. Use Capital Websites to custom build your Canberra based website and stay relevant and secure your future.

Customer creation comes from new audiences! New audiences are built with new ideas and practices.

It’s hard not to emphasise this enough – change your actions to tell a new story.

Have you added services to your business to better serve your clients?

Do you have new measures in place to make your clients feel safe?

Get affordable SEO marketing Canberra with Capital Websites for your small business and your story, your journey is opened up to a vastly wider new audience.  

3.  People Are Changing Their Search Behaviours


Google search patterns, found here are changing.  

5 behaviours are reflected in people’s new search patterns, these are:

  • Assembling critical information
  • Discovering new connections
  • Adjusting to changes in their routines
  • Praising everyday heroes 
  • Taking care of themselves and others

Google search patterns are changing.  Terms like face mask, hand sanitiser, toilet paper and hand washing are dominating Australian Google searches as shown here.  

Your SEO is critical now.  

People’s online behaviour has changed dramatically in less than three months.  

The Covid 19 pandemic places a short expiry date on your SEO, you need to stay relevant and fresh. SEO marketing Canberra should reflect this rapid and significant change.  Getting the best SEO marketing now is the most affordable way to not only stay afloat but to comfortably ride the winds of change.  


» Are you looking for the best seo marketing company in Canberra? Call Capital Websites on 0447464666



4.  Rebound Orientated Thinking

Meta descriptions and content creation to reflect your new business model or link building within your digital space are all forward thinking strategies to boost your SEO now and in the future.

There is a light at the end of the Coronavirus Pandemic tunnel for businesses in Canberra.

Boosting your SEO and your online presence with dedicated SEO marketing in Canberra is your number one weapon to see this pandemic out.

Come out the other side stronger, with a stable and loyal customer base.


5.  SEO affordability

Is SEO for small business affordable?
Let’s flip this – you can’t afford not to invest in SEO marketing during these uncertain times!!!

Money spent on SEO marketing during the Coronavirus Pandemic is the most intelligent money you can spend today.

Significantly less word of mouth, lack of visual presence, physical access issues and reduced household income are all working against you during this pandemic. Ranking on the first page of a search is what you need now!!

Has this pandemic given you more time? Use it!

Understand what SEO can do for your business. Contact Capital Websites and we’ll give your website a complete SEO audit, work with you to crystallise your new Covid 19 goals and recommend a package to suit.



The Coronavirus itself and its domino effect are still in its infancy. Global, national, regional and family businesses are being forced to readjust to survive.

Talk of vaccines, talk of containment and talk of rebuilding may be further away than any of us want it to be.

Canberra, use SEO to be as visible as you can online and make sure your business is ready for what’s next!

Contact Capital Websites today to see how we can help your business survive this crisis!