Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

Why Should I Choose Capital Websites?

At Capital Websites our main priority is building our clients a quality website that converts visitors into customers or sales. We have seen first hand what a fully customised website can do for a business and we want to help other businesses get that same success.

When you choose a website built by us you can guanrantee that not only will you receive a website that suits your businesses looks and needs but it will also be fully search engine optimised so that it is extremely competitive against your competitors. We spend hours upon hours researching and coming up with a strategy for your website so that it performs for your business.

We also pride ourselves on working personally with you. We do not use virtual assistants or 3rd parties to communicate with you. Instead you always deal directly with us because we truly want to help you and your business. This is because we truly want see your website and business succeed!

Which Website Service Do I Need?

The service you need really depends on what you already have and what your goals are for your website.

If you are after a website to help grown your business then a website build with ongoing SEO is your best option. If you simply just want a website to look a bit more professional than a website build may be all you need.

If you already have a website that is not really performing then we suggest a website redesign with ongoing SEO.

However, what package you choose really depends on your individual needs. That’s why we recommend taking advantage of our free phone consultation to really work out what your business needs.


Will I Own My Website? 

Yes you will completely own your website. We view a website as an asset to your business so that is why we have developed our packages so that at the end of the day you are the owner.

If you choose a redesign or website build package only then once it has been completed, we will transfer both the hosting to you and give you the logins.

If you choose one of our ongoing SEO packages then you will still completely own your website, we will just manage it so you don’t have to!


Will I Be Able To Make Changes On My Website After It Is Finished?

When buiding your website you have a specific number of revisions depending on what package you choose. Once these revisions have been completed and the site has been transferred then we will not make anymore changes. Once we have completed the website you are able to login to the back end and make changes.

If you decide to take advantage of one of our SEO monthly packages than we will be working on your website monthly so any changes can be made at this time.


Can I Work On My Own Website?

Once we complete your website and hand it over then you are free to work on it as you please. As part of your build we send a short how to video to explain the basics of your site. We teach you the basics such as adding a new post but we do not advise trying to make large changes such as formatting a page.

If you sign up for our ongoing monthly SEO package then we will do the necessary work for you. You just let us know what you would like done and we will make it happen. If any large changes need to be made such as adding an online shop to your website then this may occur an additional fee.



What Is Hosting?

Hosting is an extremely important aspect of owning a website. Hosting occurs through a hosting provider and is basically where the files of your website is stored. It is a piece of server on a computer that stores every text, image and data of your website. When anyone goes to your website the internet directs it to the hosting so your visitor can see your website.

We set up your hosting account for you and do it with a provider that has great customer service so if you ever need help you will get it.


What Hosting Provider Do You Use?

We currently use Fast comet as our choice of hosting providers. We choose them because of their different package options, competitive prices and exceptional customer service.


What Hosting Provider Do You Use?

When we build your website, we will open up your own hosting account. At completion of your website we will hand over the logins of your account to you. If you use our monthly SEO service then we will manage your hosting account for you.



What Platform Do You Use To Build Your Website?

We choose to build our websites on wordpress. This is due to the ease of building, updating and maintaining your website on this platform. By using wordpress it limits the amount of code (HTML and CSS) we have to use.

We also prefer wordpress as if you decide to take over your website rather than sign up to monthly SEO then it is definitely a very easy platform to learn and use.


Website Design 

Will My Website Be Unique?

Yes! All of our websites are customly built for our clients depending on their businesses individual needs. We start this process by going through a Website business plan and then creating a site map for your website.

We use a website business plan to learn as much as we can about your business before we start to plan your website. During this process we learn about what your business does, what your aims are for the website and what makes your business different and better than your competitors.

We then create a site map for your new website which will show you what will go on your website including pages, articles and keywords.

Although we custom build our websites we pride ourselves on building clean, functional websites that work! Therefore, we will recommend certain aspects of your website to make sure they fit this criteria.


Will I Have A Say On What My Website Will Look Like?

Of course you will! We work with you to create a website that reflects your business. We value your input and want you to be happy with your website. It is a good idea to have a couple of website examples that you like and don’t like when we go over your initial website business plan. This helps give us an idea on what you want your website to look like.

In saying that there are aspects of the website that we will advise you to keep a certain way for SEO purposes – this is to give your website the best chance to rank on Google.


How Long Will It Take To Design And Build My Website?

The time it takes from beginning to completion will vary depending on the complexity of your website.

We generally ask to please allow for 6 weeks to complete your website. Your time frame will be given to you once the initial website business plan and sitemap has been completed.

Please note that the biggest hold up we get is content. This occurs especially when you choose to provide your own content. If you do prefer to provide content (i.e. page content, articles, images) we ask that you be prompt with their delivery.

How Much Will It Cost To Buil My Website?

The cost of your website will vary depending on the size and complexity of your website.

What If I Already Own A Website? 

If you already have a website for your business but it isn’t performing well then we can renovate your site for you. We go through the same process as a new build meaning we go through a Website business plan, site map and then complete the renovation.

The cost and time frame for a renovation is determined on an individual basis depending on the amount of work.

Will My Website Work On A Mobile Phone And Tablet?

Yes. All of our websites are made to be responsive meaning they will work on any device!


What Is SEO?

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

It is what allows your website to rank on search engines such as Google and Bing. We use SEO to aim to get your website on the first couple of pages of a search result.

For example if you are a Chiropractor in Canberra and someone types in ‘Chiropractor Canberra’ in google you want your website to rank ideally on that first page.

Why Is SEO Important?

SEO is what allows your website to be seen by the most potential new clients.

If you have a website but it isn’t ranking on the first couple of pages in a search engine then it is more than likely that it is not being seen.

We use SEO to get your website ranking which is ultimately the first step in getting more customers to your business.

How Long Will It Take For SEO To Work On My Website?

SEO can take anywhere from 1-12 months to start working.

We find that for small local businesses you may start seeing small results after just 2-3 months. However, these results will vary depending on the type of business you are in and the Google bots that crawl the web for SEO.

The good news is, is that once your websites SEO starts working it generally then takes off pretty quickly. Sometimes we recommended having a marketing strategy in the early stages such as using paid advertising or social media advertising to give your business a kick start. This will give your websites SEO some time to really kick in which is when we should see your client numbers increase.

SEO is constantly evolving and new websites are popping up everyday. The google bots are also looking for new content and different keywords all the time. This evolution of SEO is one of the main reasons we strongly suggest ongoing monthly SEO as once your website gets to the top this is your best chance at keeping it there.

Why Do I Need Ongoing SEO For My Website?

SEO takes time to work! It takes a few months to get going and once it is working it can constantly be worked on and improved.

It is also important to note that a website which hasn’t been worked on in a while will lose rankings.

After working hard to get your website ranking we want to keep it there and your websites best chance of doing that is by maintaining the SEO.

What Does The Ongoing SEO Packages Include?

Our SEO packages vary depending on what your website needs.

For our recommeded package we send you a monthly report which tells you how well your website is working. From there we work out what work needs to be done on your website to improve it. This may include adding a new article, adding new photos, adding content to the main pages or working on some backlinking.


Do You Write The Content For My Website?

Content is an extremely important part of your website. It is what your visitors will read and is what the google bots read. Therefore it is extremely important for SEO.

On your website is different pages which require different types of content. Your home page, contact us page and about us page are 3 of the most important pages on your website and we choose to write the content for these pages.

The content on other pages such as your core purpose pages and blog page will be written by one of our trusted writers. We have a team of writers who we trust and know do a good job. Even so, we still review and edit your content before it goes live on your website. We also perform an SEO check on any content that goes onto your website.

Some of our clients choose to provide their own content. If this is the case we will edit it to make sure that it complies with SEO needs.

Is Ongoing Content Necessary?

Ongoing content keeps your website updated as well as keep the google bots happy. Search engines do not like ranking websites which are old and outdated. 

Ongoing content is very beneficial for SEO purposes as well as keeping your audience engaged in your business.