3 Reasons Why Canberra Website Redesign Is Important

A website redesign is vital because everything gets old.  People get old.  Cars get old.  And Canberra websites, yep, even in the buzzing Capital, those get old too!

Actually, websites get older much faster than people and cars!

Think of Grandpa who still plays ‘gotcha!’ tricks on the littlies and watches Rugby with the fervour of a 16 year old red-blooded half-back.

Or a fully restored red 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 2+2 with silver trim and white wall tyres that kids still drool over today.

I recently looked up the first website ever built.  I gotta tell ya, nobody is looking for that bad boy on Google anymore!

In fact, you are doing very well these days if your Canberra website gets to the front page of a search engine in 3 months.

The only way you can have it stay there for another 3 is if you tweak, redesign and improve it.

Here are three very good reasons why a website redesign for your Canberra business should be an ongoing task.

By the time you think its starting to look tired, it’s already too late!

1.  Website Redesign as Googles Algorithms Change Regularly!

Ranking and staying high in the rankings relies wholly and solely on how your site is measured by Google’s algorithms.

Whether and how your Canberra website gets found by that enormously powerful search engine depends on a few things.

Many business owners think it is how your website looks and feels.  We are here to tell you that while looks are important it is not the only thing.

Google will look for many parts but mainly if your site is MODERN, CONTENT RICH and MESSAGE FOCUSED.

Most consumers will spend only a few minutes (or sometimes only 30 to 60 seconds) on your site before moving on.  That’s a rough measure based on, no.. wait a second.. the statistic just changed again.

Wow, things change fast in the online world!

A Website Redesign May Be Needed

If you want your site to remain relevant, you need to update it with new content all the freaking time!!!


And your content better be well written and relevant with what you are trying to say, sell or service?

Google can tell the difference between gobbledygook and intelligent prose.  It has grammar checkers, word checkers, phonics checkers and every AI tool available to… well… Google.

It also knows when you have plagiarised your content from elsewhere.  Because odds-on the plagiarised content was probably posted in that other place using… yep, you guessed it… Google.

So, get your Canberra website redesign to fly up that Google ranking.  You need to keep posting content that is different and useful on lots of pages.  Add a reasonable number of images that are focused on one thing… your message!!


canberra website redesign

2.  Your Customers Change Their Likes and Dislikes Regularly!

Ahh, customers they are a fickle bunch!

Today, they are all like, “Dang I’ve gotta get me one of those HD LDI backlit monitors” and tomorrow?  Well, if it’s not curved or foldable then, forget it!

Keeping up, or better still, staying ahead of your customers is the only way to stay in the game.  Leading them in their sentiments, making suggestions with “up next” and “coming soon” and pointing them to your unique and special wares.

And how do you do this e-commerce-ly?  Well, you can’t do it with yesterday’s website, that’s for sure.

You need to redesign your Canberra website regularly to keep your customers interested and coming back.  To keep attracting the next wave of consumers and – yes, we’ll say it again – to keep your website ranking in Google.

Website redesign of your Canberra website is more than just updating stock listings and service descriptions.  This obviously is important, but let’s face it, everyone in the market does that – you need to do more than just the basics to stand out.

How To Keep My Canberra Website Up-To-Date

Changing the widgets, buttons, pop ups, notifications, menu layouts, imagery and icons, links, chat invitations, blog posts, account and cart options, music and sounds, APIs, synchronisations, social media integrations and CRM capabilities.

The list goes on and all change and improve the look and feel of your website.  Updating will help the customer’s experience in browsing with and buying from you and your web based business.


canberra website redesign

Redesigning your Canberra website is the only real way to stand out in the global marketplace.

It’s like redecorating a physical shop in response to customer feedback.  Those customers will want to revisit just to see what you’ve done with the place (which is the whole point, right?)!!

This is what Apple and Samsung do every time they introduce a new handheld or wearable computerized device.

They change the layout, the user experience and the cool stuff the software can do, to match the – you got it – super cool design of the beautifully refined hardware exterior!

And speaking of hardware, well, that’s our segue to reason number three!

3.  Devices Change Regularly And Require a Website Redesign!

It’s true, there is no stopping progress!

Especially when you’re in the middle of a tech revolution that so far is measuring a greater impact on humankind and culture than the industrial revolution and the two great wars of the twentieth century combined.

Not less than 5 years ago, websites were made for flat screen VGA monitors on desktop computers that ran Pentium processors.

Now your website needs to display on a flip top laptop, full screen smartphone, curved camera-enabled monitor and iPad or tablet.   Your Canberra website must take full advantage of all the versatility and functionality that each of these very specialised devices offer.

The Online World Has Changed

As recently as 3 years ago, online grocery sales was accounting for just 3% of supermarket turnover in Australia.

Do you think Woollies, Coles and their competitors were content with their online sales and onscreen website layouts?

Especially now we’re all at home in isolation and forced to shop on the internet using whatever device we can reach for while in front of the TV?

After several years of circa 29% year on year growth thanks (or perhaps, no thanks!) to covid-19 this year has jumped.  The growth in the Revenue in the Online Grocery Sales industry is forecast to increase by a whopping 56.0% in 2019-20, adjusted up from 32.3%.

Consumers are embracing e-commerce and hunting more and more for the best sites to buy from.


New devices demand website redesign to ensure your older website still works well on ever faster, brighter and smarter devices.

Your Canberra website needs to take advantage of all the new features and formats that these devices bring to the market.

Remember, devices are made not just for connecting people, but for connecting businesses and consumers!

You will be missing out on a future income stream if you don’t redesign your website sales platform.  This allows you to target not only the market in Canberra but also around the world!

canberra website redesign


Many Canberra website owners mistakenly think that posting on the internet is a set and forget exercise.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

You need to keep your site modern with a website redesign.  This is especially true of Canberra websites to be able to access other markets.

It’s the most important shopping and advertising tool you have and you need to keep it looking and working its best for your business.

Contact Capital Websites, your local Canberra website redesign specialist!